Nominations for Game Changers



Hey :o ! I like this topic, I'm always on it​:grinning: I extremely sorry to disturb you here but...:arrow_down:

Lately, I have seen three (well two I didn't see) Hopscotch games which are so dank and aweosme! Why game changers is never updated why not consider three games here:

  1. Recently, @MobCraft has made this tremendous game called 'Run'. The graphics are simply awesome, and it's really fun. It reminds of MagmaPOP's Minecraft sneak up, though this game is more improved!

  2. GeometryScotch made by @Valgo. Simply awesome! (I know this is quite late but I was waiting for a few). Geometry Dash with different components has never been made form what I know, and such a game like this is so awesome! I like the rocket a lot! Wouldn't that be hard to make? Well, it was proved that it was possible!

  3. (Sorry for this... Extremely sorry) But I also nominate you know what, Jedi Adventures! . I saw potential in this game while spending forever on it. I couldn't believe I actually made it with all of these difficult maths problems involved in the code. There are a truck load of awesome features on the game! (Only braggers a go into full details, so I'll stop) And I really want to make game changers with this!

So are these worthy? It hasn't been updated lately/a long time.



Revive ;D

Lolly's fren tag list

@Petrichor (lolly's really good)


I'm gonna nominate this again cuz it's been forever and I think it is worthy of game changers!

Jedi Adventures by @BlastFusion



You're welcome frendo!



I don't normally enjoy self-nominating, but... I self nominate my Lightrail game. I made it a year ago and put a ton of effort into it, and even now, I find it pretty fun to play. Other people seem to enjoy it as well; with over 7000 likes as of now and a ton of remixes, people still seem to like playing it when they see it, even after a year since it's been made. Although it doesn't have the best graphics or color scheme, it seems like it's a lot more fun to play than other graphics-consuming or laggy projects on Hopscotch. :blush:

If this doesn't deserve game-changers, would you, the reader, let me know why? I'll try to improve what makes it bad in future projects. :)


Wow... that is so good @Rawrbear! I love the game a lot! It's more than a year old, so you should make a new version.

Also I noticed... Death by Ree? Achievement get?


You can read more about REE here, hehe.

I don't think I'm going to make a new version. I simply think it'd be kind of hypocritical to make a second one, for whatever reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you! :D


I should stop self nominating. I've noticed from stopping it it has opened my eyes.

I saw this game and went WOAH! I got very addicted to it, I love the modes, and the PHYSICS of everything in in the game. Every warrior was so perfected, didn't do an unusual thing. With my extremely slow iPad, the game ran fast and smoothly.

I know it's not featured yet, but,

Does deserve a game change. It totally blew my mind, and is very acuarate. @CreationsOfaNoob.

In my eyes this game is better than 90% of everything that is on game changers.


WOW that is amazing!


I know right? Game changers has got to be updated. 23 weeks is way to long!


Not really. It's for the best projects, like that.


Thanks so much again!


I nominate Joy G. Biv by @Caramel_Puffin for game changers! It's very professionally made, and it seriously looks like an indie game that could be sold on a platform like GameJolt or Steam. This is a game changer to me. ^^

Any seconds, or is this just my opinion?


I was pretty blown away by it. I'm horrible at it though, lol


I was blown away by this game. It is something more than a feature. I second/(third) this for game changers.

It is very addictive, but pretty hard...


It's been a while but this is a game changer: Made by @Funky_63_Greenland

I've heard a some commentary which agrees with this nomination. And also, there is another version of pinball far down in game changers and evidently this is a lot better.
(I love the ball physics and the obstacle physics!:clap:) (Game changer code)

There isn't an excuse why this isn't game changer worthy.

@Rodrigo, @Liza, are you guys aware of this topic?


I would've said the same.
It's awesome.


Now that I have left, I would justly appreciate it, if I was remembered in some way. I did work very hard for more than a year, but I don’t want my projects to be forgotten forever, and that’s the direction my projects are taking.

I nominate any of my projects for game changers:

  • Minecraft Parkour in particular (if the bug is fixed, you need to check out night mode, the mobs, and the lava fall!) I believe it to be really unique.

  • Dino Run. It has received great feedback.

Or even Jedi adventures (though that is really old now)

MagmaPOP and Fooddelivery were remembered, even though I might not be at that level, hopscotchers having a sense of appreciation for my hard work over all this time would be truely wonderful.

Thank You.





If I am allowed to leak something: