Nominations for Game Changers



That is what system is :laughing:.


No, game changers is for amazing projects that deserve more than featured :slight_smile:


What's revouluntary?


I saw this game on featured, and I realized, this this is a game change!!!!

I nominate Tetris for game changers

@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya I know this topic never really was "real", but this still deserves game changers!


I got on game changers lol


Oh... wow... that's good to know...

Do you need to brag?


Oh, wow! This is very impressive! I wasn't sure if Tetris was viable on Hopscotch! I'm very surprised and happy. :slight_smile:


@Rodrigo I know! I can't believe Tetris was made in HS! That's why I nominated it! :stuck_out_tongue:


@liza, @Rodrigo @montoya

There are two recent projects that deserve to be on the game changer channel.

  1. Sheep Game by @CreationsOfaNoob
    This game is so fun, it's like an app store game! There so much to it! Levels, effects. It's one of the best games I've ever seen; you must agree! And he must've spent forever on this!

  2. Flappy Golf by me (@BlastFusion)
    I've always wanted to make game changers; and like most they're already games like slitherio, doodle jump and flappy golf has never been made (properly) I've incooperated a lot to it. I spent forever on this!

Sorry for a self nomination but I'm sharing my opinions. (Please vite whethe you agree with these nominations or not)

Not forcing you though THT!

  • Nah, both aren't good enough.
  • They're both ok, so maybe
  • They should make it.
  • These two games must make game changers!


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Those games are already featured. :slight_smile:


Can you please check your email thx and I mean your I sent you an email


How do you know that's my email?


Because Liza's email is so I figured that what yours would be.
Great!! I emailed the right person!


@Rodrigo I need to ask you something


I didn't said it was my email. I'm asking: why do you think that's my email? I'm not going to confirm.


@Rodrigo, I'm talking about game changers​:smiley: Because the games that are on game changers, were on featured before they were on game changers. I'm just asking if the games I previously mentioned are good enough for game changers. Thanks​:smiley:


Because the picture was a smiley face and the name was Rodrigo Tello.
I'm sorry if I am annoying you :frowning:


Oh and uh I saw you said it was your email on your twitter when you were talking to BAS.


He wants them on game changers :D

me too


@rodrigo are you deciding what goes on Game changers by the best projects in 2016(the ones nominated?)