Nominations for Game Changers



I SBYP and this weren’t made
So here all you do is nominate someone


Yeah so I :heart_eyes: seeing Awesome games and its up to you guys to nominate them

After a while I’ll tag THT and if they don’t see then I will email them!

So get nominating


do they update game changers anymore? and it is a nomination thing?


I think so, it's just SUPER rare :0


I have a game that is under Dev. But involves using advanced glitches and stuff to form an awesome game. I'll post the link here when I finish it.


Yup they do
Though it takes a few months until someone makes a



@Liza this is a good topic idea, maybe this can be a main nomination topic.


I don't really think you can nominate Game Changers, it should be for games like Color Switch, Doodle Jump, and games that can be downloaded in the App Store. If I got things wrong, please tell me! :stuck_out_tongue:


is that what it is? I thought it meant projects that are revolutionary


You were right it is anything that is really cool, it isn't just remakes of App Store games.


I just thought of that by looking at the name... I don't have proof anyhow.... XD


I think it's just relovutionary projects :wink:

Like when people make stuff in the App Store, that's kinda hard, and usually it's revolutionary, but actually not all projects on Game Changers are ones you can buy in the App Store, there's a bunch of originals too :smile:


I think that when games get featured the team decides weather it's game changer worthy.

Also I have a new catch phrase!
"Coding, May Be Easy To Some, But The One That It's Hard For Work Harder For Their Dreams."


This is a great idea! Game Changers are just amazing projects that set a new standard for what can be accomplished with Hopscotch. This could mean that they're incredibly beautiful, addicting, have crazy complicated code, or anything else.

They leave you like WHOA.

Omg game changers actually got updated this time. 15 new projects on game changers!
Here's a small teaser at my new Crack the Code game!
Game Changers: How could it be changed



Woah you replied! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Off topic but can I use that quote for a project I'm making? Your name would be under it. (Or you could be anonymous)


Oh yeah sorry I though i was on a Diffrent topic


You can use it. I really don't care if you put my name with it.


Our school did It for a while, then it just got boring. No community. XP


Can we get on topic with nomianting for game changer