Nominations for Featured!


Hey Hops!

We'd love your help with finding good projects to feature.

Especially projects by Hopscotchers who are not featured very often. :blush:

Lots of different types of projects are feature-worthy -- awesome games, drawing pads, mini-movies, projects that do something completely new on Hopscotch -- basically anything that makes you go..

WHOA. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

To nominate someone:

Add the username, name and project link to this thread. (You can find the link by looking at the project card, and tapping the thing that looks like a link :sunglasses: )

Please do not nominate the same project more than once.

If you agree with a previous nomination, like it!

This is meant to be an ongoing topic, we check this thread daily when we choose new projects to feature :heart:

As a note, simply because something was nominated, it does not mean we will feature it, but we'll definitely consider it.

Thanks for your help gang!
You da bestest.

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I nominate this

@SmileyAlyssa takes a quiz to the next level! It's awesome!

SMILEYALYSSA you just got onto featured! Congrats!

Topic Portal and FAQ

It's a create your own emoji, and it's by sapphire bird/@RenegadeBird1 . It's on the top of trending, and it's definitely cool how you can design your own emoji.


By @randomowlsLC
It's unique, and a virtual pet


@asha, could you update rising as well? It's been the same projects and I haven't seen anything new yet

Maybe these could go onto rising:
By @GysvANDRegulus
By @Funky_63_Greenland


super helpful @Follow4LikesOfficial and take your time with finding stuff!

we'll aim to check this thread daily. :slightly_smiling:


What Is This For?


I do, I just never told anyone about it :stuck_out_tongue:
Since I like stuff all the time, I can find projects that are awesome

Helping the Unnoticed๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

its my third feature yayayayyayayayayayayyayayayayayayayyayayaayayayayayyayayayay

Sorry I'm super excited!


I was the first to like it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wait you nominated me? Thanks so much!!!!


Your Welcome! It's too awesome :sunglasses:

Lol your avatar suits your expression xD


I think this is a great topic! Are you looking for a variety of things? Or just one certain thing that you want now?


I nominate "Follow Generator" by @Gilbert189!
Here's the link:


Thanks! I'll go find some other AWESOME projects (Which won't be hard!:stuck_out_tongue:) to nominate!:wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: @asha


we'll keep this topic open and will aim to check it daily.

so whenever you find something good, post it in here!

thanks! and congrats on the feature @SmileyAlyssa


I nominate @MobCraft's Morpher project! :smiley:


I feel so happy! You accepted two of my requests, one of @GysvANDRegulus's, and one of @SmileyAlyssa's. Thanks!


@asha, could you update game changers? It's been a long time


That game is the best quiz on HS!