Nominations for Featured!


Essssspressso machines jdjdjdjjsjs espresso


I remember at the beginning of this topic, I nominated one of my own featured games on accident

I was confused lol :joy:





Yep, post 28 lol
Well I’ll be, posting at the beginning and the end of this amazing topic nice


Final 13 oooh spooklie


Drop de doodle
This is the best topic on the forum


We should make a list of all of the featured apps that were nominated here or something idk


Is there a nominations for rising topic? Or does that just happen here too?
Also, 9990!


We need to do something special though


Yeah, I think it just happens here
Hopscotch can look at the projects nominated here and can put them wherever


7 more postos :D wow


Who’ll it be
I can sense 2 sneaky coders sneaking around


Idk why I’m so excited


okay bye Nominations For Featured
maybe next time i’ll actually nominate something :joy:

i’m posting this before it’s too late hehe

@Petrichor shouldn’t u put ur post on Global Edit or nah

JonnyGamer's General Topic Season 2 -- frying magikarps and the invasion of BIDOOF drop de doodle doo no one knows who wrote dis proffesһionalley. ALMIGHTY HAMILL TOTES MY GOATS Chips Ahoy

3 more postos!!! :D


Fredrick to the rescue)




I nominate:

EDIT: Rainbows

Nominations for Featured (unofficial)
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