Nominations for Featured!


Its really unlikely they’ll find your project, though.


Yeah… that’s how my snowman trail art got featured


Is it? Just keep making a bunch until one does. I made some, and a year later I came back, made 5 and the 5th one got featured.

It also doesn’t matter if your project was easy or hard to code, as long as it’s original it is more likely to be featured (in my experience).


Wow nearly 75 more postos


Who’s gonna be that last one to get the 10k :thinking::joy:


Probs not me

Unless theres not heavy trafic


It’s gonna be me😡 I am watching this topic


Yeah I wonder why people aren’t hyped up about it hmmmhmhm hj


Unless it happens in the next two housrs then not me


Exactly, I hope people just wait for a few more hours lol


Unless we do it right now :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Lesgo 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k 10k


Oh yeah! it’s oooon!! Let’s gooo




Hmmm let’s nominate some good projectos too
While we’re at it




Lol yeh ima go find some


Drop de dooodle doooo


Yo ok this is preaty good


That was made ages ago