Nominations for Featured!


I’ll take a look…


Well lookin here, less than 100 to gooo! :smile:


hah ur gt beat it lol :joy:


Heheheheh I have you now, @asha lol :joy:





I nominate this for GAME CHANGERS.




May I say something? I noticed you nominated every version of it for featured, and none of them have got it, so maybe you do one huuuuuge update, have that as your last one and nominate that one.


I nominate it foooor

It fulfills the game Changers requirements:
Complex code: Yep!
Fascinating: Yep!
Fun to play, and enjoyable: SUPER DE DOOPER!


Edit in the @Hopscotch-curators so that they can see :eyes:


I fourth this game!(why didn’t you put this in nominations for game changers)


I tried… but it only got nine views due to loading time


I even designed this for it


I nominate my Uluru Trail art for featured!

I worked really hard on it and I’m very proud of it.

If you don’t know what Uluru/Ayers Rock is, its a big, famous rock in the middle of Australia.

P.S thankyou to @William04GamerA for helping me with a tricky part

@hopscotch-curators I hope you like it

Edit: If you want to learn more about Uluru come to my GT


What do you all think??


I think its cool :+1:… but I think you should try nominating something different. Its hard to get art featured, unless its for some kind of special competition thing. Don’t get me wrong, though, its a good looking project and an interesting idea! :grinning:


I think that it turned out really good! And it was only fun to help! I second this nomination.


What do you mean by that?
I know how hard it is to get featured… and it’s actually kinda easy… just make a good project… show it to the hopscotch curators… and if they like it…
And most likely, you’ll get featured… I don’t even reckon my Snowman trail art deserved it but… it happened so idk


lol i guess your right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could even get one easily…

All you have to do is try… and 65 percent chance you’ll get featured


All of my featured projects so far haven’t even been nominated for featured. I guess they just found it while in the app, so anybody can be featured if you make an appealing project.