Nominations for Featured!


Lol two people nominated the same thing.
@FRENCH_WAVE123 you can jut second @lollypopcorn’s nomination


Almost 150 more posts left in this topic…


I third this nomination…


I nominate myself via this project
what is LOVE?


That’s awesome but it moves quickly and can almost be hard to read because it switches so fast between sentences/words.


I 4th it… it’s SOOOOOO GUD


Is it featured? If not, it should really be there.

I’m really impressed with these new users making such amazing games. 2018 has had a good start. I should really start coding more again.


Yeah… that would be good- my bff always plays your projects non stop.


Anyways that’s great :ok_hand:


Best friend. Well, until I accused her of deleting all my projects on my account (lavender~waterfall) a month or so ago…


Well, me and my friend wanted to make a collab account. She made LavenderWaterfall🌸 and I made lavender~waterfall. She wanted me to join hers, and I wanted her to join mine. She knew my password.
One day, when I got on featured, we completely swapped. She wanted to join mine, and I didn’t want her to. I explained via email, and she ‘agreed’. But then, all sorts of projects were on my profile so I unpublished them. I emailed her asking her weather I could trust her not to hack my acc and delete my projects. She said that I could trust her.
The next day, poof, vamos, gone. Everything.


I nominate this project by @lavenderwaterfall:

I especially like how it is the silhouette on the background…
Great job!


Thanks, this is my first nominated project by anyone but me


Yeah I can only agree with this


I second it! Nice job @lavenderwaterfall!


Can I third it eeevvvven tho it’s my project.
If yes, I third it.
If no, thanks for the nominations!


Your welcome!! It deserves it… it looks hard to make


I fourth lavender waterfalls project! It was cool,


@SmileyIceTurnip this is nominations for featured.


thanks, this means a lot to me!