Nominations for Featured!





Woah, that’s strange… I thought it was original! Welp, thanks for telling me. He must’ve copied all the code off that project or something, because there wasn’t a little grey tab up the top.


Yeah… there is a glitch… everyone calls it the remix glitch… it’s when they remix but the tab doesn’t show up…


It could be he is copying off old projects


I nominate this amazing amazing amazing lol project by @SuperMarioMiniGames and @JonnyGamer
It is even Game Changer worthy!


That game is amazing! The star coin on level 4 is a pain though


Kill myself
That’s soo good :joy:
Oof I third that a mile


Thank you so much! :smile:

Hehe my younger brother worked in this app for many months, and we’ve (unintentionally) published it on our 1 year anniversary of Suoer Mario Mini Games. It’s pretty splendiforous :ok_hand: It’s a real 3d/isometric super Mario adventure! :smile:

Way to go Davio!


You’re welcome! It is awesome! Definitely worth the wait.


Thanks so much! :smile:
My brother is super excited about this :smile:


You should enter it in my woah comp
It may in fact be the winner :joy:


Woah there, don’t be judging already


lol aren’t I a judge :joy:

I can’t remember :joy:


@Jonnygamer Yes but you won’t be judging your own project :joy:


Oh hello :joy:




okie thanks!


No problem. :smiley:


I nominate this game for featured, it’s really fun to play :DDDD


This is so gooooooood I nominate it