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We are pretty close to the 10k :eyes: :milk_glass:


What do you want me to do?
Like what’s the bug


I think a recent project that was on featured, ‘Google Assistant’ sort of copied @William04GamerA’s project ‘Digital Assistant’ a bit… what do two think?


Well, I am @William04GamerA, so let me respond with what I think.

That project didn’t make my sad or anything, I was actually happy that more people made this kind of projects, and it has different questions, although the idea is the same. But it’s fine for me :slight_smile:


Hmmm, they do seem quite similar though…


They are, I just wanted to say that it’s fine for me and I don’t consider it as a copy or anything.


That’s nice of you. I think I would go crazy if someone copied my project and it got on featured.


Rising maybe???



I self nominate this project, I just posted it.


Heya all @hopscotch-curators @CreationsOfaNoob @IShallNotBeNamed @MyPizza @Panthera I think that the bracelet maker by mini mango is actually a remix of the one by TigerLily. As you can see, one was on 3074 likes and published 13 weeks ago, and the other was 103 weeks ago and had 568 likes. I feel the more recent should be taken of featured.

  • Should be taken down
  • Meh
  • Should stay up.

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this I think is wrong and should come down off featured and the Hopscotch teams webpage


Lol don’t worry, I fixed it. I told THT


Ummm well the person did update it


It is!


This topic is the closest to 10k, but not at 10k


No, if you go into the TigerLily project, it is just cut off because of the screen crop a few years back. They changed one emoji


The person updated it


Nearly 200 more postos
Who’s gonna get the 9999 :thinking:


I always like to get the 9999th post


I wanna get the 9876th post :joy:

What do you mean 9999 it’s a raaace!! XD