Nominations for Featured!


Thanks! It’s actually my 4th…




Oh because the photo says 4days ago was the last featured project


I wonder if that is a copy of Magmapop’s?


I doubt it- this coder is very good…


But they get ft a lot…


I mean featured…


Some coders copied lots of good projects and became very popular
That’s why I make super complex projects so that they can’t be copied
Anyways I’m not saying that the person is copying, but the character, bricks and blocks do appear very similar to MagmaPOP’s


I get that, but maybe he copied the emoji art from MP, and then used his own idea… I think it’s quite good.


i nominate dis peoject…

clever use of set image, plus you can select multiple videos. try scrolling :wink:


@hopscotch-curators I nominate this for rising:

This would really help raise awareness.


I second it… it would be good if more people could see it!


Hey @hopscotch-curators

Can I ask to have juice maker removed from featured? Because it was actually a remix of one of my projects. Idk if they used the remix glitch or not but it is identical to mine.


Also, you don’t have to feature my older one because you know, it’s super old and it probably wasn’t my best work :wink:


Yes, so sorry for the mistake! I wasn’t aware that you could still do that with the update. The project has been removed from featured, thanks for letting us know!

Copied project in featured?

Can you guys post a pic of featured, I just wanna see what’s recently on there




Thanks but don’t worry I just got into hopscotch

I might code my profile pic on there


Cool… can you also work on debugging my project… you don’t have to do it now… just do it whenever you feel like it


Give me a link please
(If it has got to do with the JSON I can’t help unfortunately)