Nominations for Featured!


Just some more while I’m still at it…


@SmileyAlyssa @POMTL @hopscotch-curators I would like to nominate my most impressive coded project: Terrain Generator 4.0


I third that it is a great mix of beautiful art and complex STEM skills.


I nominate this project I worked hard on.
Credit to @NindroidGames for helping me make some of the AIs.
@hopscotch-curators @SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_


i second this nomination
that’s what i say right


Yeah that is what you say


kk good


Wait what’d I doagain?


You helped with the Aligator AI




I second this. If it were featured it would show people that they should be embarrassed when they talk so much humbug.


I nominate this


Hi! I would like to nominate a project by @JustASketch. (Not sure if she’s on the forum or not tho…) Well, not one project, there r quite a few that u could choose from. She does art on her account. The reason I’m nominating this is bc I haven’t seen art on featured that much, as in real hand drawn art rather than pixel pads and the like. But her work is pretty awesome and quite unique. The only problem would be that u can’t rlly play her projects bc the drawing goes away, but they’re great to look at and super unique. U can probs understand y I can’t rlly put a link to one of her projects here bc the drawing won’t show but I have an image. More specifically the drawing on the left with the galaxy hair. Thx!



I think art never really gets featured because they are looking for projects that have been coded but hey, you never know! :thinking:


They have featured artwork that is done with code, like pixel art or trail art.


Wow! This project is absolutely AMAAAZING!!!

The Real Funky 63 has been featured a lot lately but I think this project is at his best. But it might be an old project because he/she sometimes remixes their old projects so people can see them again. Well, if he has been featured too much late,y because I know there’s is like a time limit I think… we could save this project for later! The graphics are really great and it I still super fun to play. The most awesome part about it is just the idea in general! It almost reminds me of the 2.0of the pinball game he created a while ago. Well the object is to get the ball as high as you can with these bouncy circles and long pin ball things that you can control. You have to keep it ,ovine as much as you can. The rounds can last a while but I saved this game to drafts once so I could play it without WiFi in the car ride and i played it for an hour… well you can’t let the boll stop bouncing and it is super fun so defintely consider this! Maybe if he did a 2.0 it could possibly get on game changers…


A project similar to this by Funky 63 was already featured awhile ago


No you’re wrong. This one goes up, the code is pretty impressive. I second it


But a featured pinball game by him was already featured! Ok whatever I second it, it is still amazing


It was completely different. The code in that was sort of average, this is really impressive.