Nominations for Featured!


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I know.
It’s a quote, I didn’t say it. And it says ‘at least’


We can’t really reserve spots for featured for the upcoming weeks so we will have to wait until the time comes to decide. You could re-nominate it in two weeks if you would like! :smiley:


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I nominate this block building simulator by @sophia71205

I don’t think I have seen a block building simulator like this before. You can rotate it, flip it, make it bigger and smaller and move it around. It’s really cool!


Aw, tysm, Dylan! You are the one that gave me my first ever nomination for featured…and I learned how to set a text to a variable thanks to you :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :smiley:
You forgot to say ‘I second this nomination’


I didn’t second it bc I don’t think it’s good enough


Oh, well I think it is good enough!


i second this nomination


So my project was featured! Thank you!

However, A new version of the project was just created a day or two ago.

It has a huge improvement, and idk if it would be possible to switch it out and feature that one.

If it isn’t, it’s fine.
Anyways, thanks for the feature.
Link to the new project:
Once again, if this is impossible, it is fine.


Yes, this is definitely possible! I can do that now :smile:


Okay! Thank you!


Welp there’s a typo but nobody seems to notice so idc.


Lol me too, except I updated the link literally 20 seconds after posting to the newer version, but the old one still got featured.

(New one has music, Old does not - so it is a decent improvement)

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A little full of myself right now, but

Choose Normal, Dev, or Ultimate Edition




I’m sorry, I don’t get the difference between them all


Basic has the basics

Dev has an FPS Tracker and a Saved Width count, plus more Mirror Tools

Ultimate has custom mirroring plus the features in the other 2

Unnecessary capitals due to autocorrect


I saw this user and he makes some awesome games: