Nominations for Featured!


I find them very different. One is an awesome classic flappy- birdish game and the other is a really cool and different and unique game.


Idk what I find them. Like I would like the game more if I wasn’t so unsure if it was a coincidence or not.


well if it was a copy you should take it as a compliment that someone thought your idea was awesome enough to steal😁


Happy new year I guess though if you watched the news it’s probably not a happy new year


Feature this now @HopscocthCuratosrsrss


Maybe? I made it pretty quickly - and it shows how much can be made using only 7 objects… I guess

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I second this, it is actually a very addictive game. And I’m very surprised that all of that was made with only 7 objects!


I nominate this by @The_Crafty_Painter, it is a very little game, though it has complex code and it is fun to play, and watch your own roller coaster come to life!

Soo much fun


I nominate @Stal98’s game Mission Sonar, for creating a very different, fun, short game! Even though it is short the content it has is really fun and I hope the sequel comes out soon :smiley:

Edit: @hopscotch-curators


I didn’t know that your face could get ripped off and you could be your parts back safely :wink:


The aliens had kept the face parts… lol, the story got stuck in the filters… there is only part 2 and part 1 of the story


Nice :+1:


Lol @JonnyGamer gave me 88 notifications… we’re having a notification war



And this again just because I can


Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome nominations! They have really been helping us and we really appreciate you all taking your time to nominate projects! :smiley:


No problem! It’s fun


Hai… I know you’re not really meant to self nominate, but here I am again…

@hopscotch-curators this project is for tomorrow’s features since you’ve already put projects on featured today… unless you’d like to put 3 projects on featured in the 1 day

Anyway I have worked nonstop on this project and I really hope it is feature-worthy

If anyone doesn’t think this is
not feature-worthy tell me why and what I can add and I will do so, if it is in my abilities


What do you think about it @SmileyAlyssa??


Do you need text removal? Sorry for not getting the project back to you


It’s a cool project, I don’t know what there would really be to add.