Nominations for Featured!


Idk if it lives up to standards, but it’s a trail art. Not sure if it’s a good trail art, but it’s a trail art.


I second it!!! Awesome trail art!! I like the little wreath on the door and stuff


I third it! It deserved Featured!


I have a New Years project that I’d really like to get featured… Here it is

Thanks! @POMTL


Quick question:

Why do you this project should get to featured? Is there any special code that makes it feature worthy?

This is a question I am going to ask everyone who nominates a project without a reason


I really worked hard on it and I think the content is pretty good


Yes, I feel inspired when I see the project. Inspired to code. I can see why it would’ve taken a long time to make. But, I feel like it needs something else in it… Maybe a keyboard where you can type your answers? I feel like it would make a good trending…


I won’t be done with that by midnight… anything else?


Hmm… Let me think… Maybe a paint the New Year pad?


You can be done with it before noon. (Assuming you’re me and it’s cutrently 11:18)


First I am not you XD second it is past noon (12:22)


I don’t typically self nominate, but here is my Undertale Soundtrack project that I’ve worked on since August. with on and off breaks


secretly tags @XmanFrens

will it ever be secondeded?


Awesome!! Is this your entry for the Christmas competition that Yusamac205 made? If so, we might not be able to feature it because the winner of the competition gets a feature. (Unless you win the competition of course! :slightly_smiling_face:)


Yeah, It’s going to be in the contest.


Do you know when the contest winner is announced?


I’m not sure, the contest closed today, but it will probably take time to judge.


Ok, we’ll just wait and see :slightly_smiling_face: Your project is awesome by the way, it looks so realistic!!


Thanks! I just really want to see what everyone else entered.


It’s fine! You didn’t know, it isn’t anyone’s fault.


I self nominate: