Nominations for Featured!


Again, I know. There were some problems in the dimensional ‘z’ axis. Also @Dylan329 the character is flipping :D
This is the better version.


Ummm yeah also so,e people want a better z axis in HS, because right now it is hard to keep track of.


Like a being to front of _ block.


Well no like set z position the higher it is the further back it is, the lower it is the further up it is, so you don’t have to use bring to front or send to back


Reminds me of:

Like in a when-I-first-saw-the-other-game-on-featured-I-thought-it-was-a-copy-and-still-aren’t-completely-convinced-otherwise…
Edit: not trying to h8 the game or anything!


Yeh! Looks good now!
I second this nomination!


Oh dang. They are so similar. It’s kind of hard to believe that it would be a coincidence. Sorry for nominating it if it is a copy.


I nominate this:

And this


Not really sure about the “ad” that pops up, but I’ll second that nomination, it looks pretty cool.
I’m not nominating Paper! though, it feels too unfinished, but the concept is nice on both.


I really want to get featured. It’s my last day this year. Will projects be featured today?


Yeh, they started to feature on saturdays. So I guess we will have to wait and see.


Maybe THT put the best of 2017 on today?


Yep, Monday through Saturday! :smiley:
We appreciate your effort, how you have been using feedback from other Hopscotchers, and how you are making changes that make your project even better! However, in the future keep in mind that we are trying to feature lesser known Hopscotchers, instead of the same people all the time. :slight_smile:


Sure. But is best of 2017 coming out today?


We aren’t sure, we were not involved with it. :thinking:


Oh my! Thank you so much for the feature! I’m ecstatic!


Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue: How long did you spend working on that project?


2 months ago was when I started but I procrastinated, but there was about 2 weeks of heavy work.


Basically my Hopscotch account in a nutshell XD


basically my life in a nutshell