Nominations for Featured!


Woah, this is awesome! I third it!


I fourth this. Very well done!


We do make some exceptions, especially if it is around three weeks, or very close to a month. However, we strive to create diversity of Hopscotchers in featured.


@BlastFusion Red still doesn’t flip when he walks in the opposite direction! This is really easy to do I can show you some code I made awhile ago.


I think it’s good the way it is. I guess some people walk backwards lol.


Not anymore! :stuck_out_tongue: Starting this week, we are now featuring projects Monday through Saturday! :smiley:


What is the difference between rising and featured? I’ve been looking around on the forum for an answer but everyone just says it’s for projects that don’t get featured. Idk what that means so I thought I’d ask what the criteria for rising was specifically.


Well, maybe look at quality. To an obvious extent, rising has many hops who are novices and are trying to make projects, but they are basic and have less quality than featured. It is updated less frequently.


Trending being gone makes this much harder. I guess we need to look at #games.


Featured projects stand out to us are the projects that meet most if not all of this criteria:

Projects on rising typically meet some of the criteria on the list. The project stands out, but it’s not quite what we feel fit for featured so we put it on rising instead :slight_smile:


Rising is like the underdogs of featured, it just means the project should stand out a little, but it isn’t some game changer.


Ok thanks everybody👍🏻 That makes a lot more sense now!


Ok your welcome! Ummmm…20 characters


I nominate this super amazing Christmas trail art by @William04GamerA

It has an awesome tree, and a house, you can listen to jingle bells and read the lyrics. You can also read a very nice letter written by @William04GamerA

Merry Christmas!!!


I second that nomination by @Dylan329


Thank you so much @Dylan329 and @HopscotchRemixer! I really appreciate that, you two made my day :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :grin:


I nominate this


I don’t know if this is allowed but I would like to nominate this again. No word can describe what I went through to make this game.

I also nominate @Madi_Hopscotch_'s present stack. It’s really fun and creative!



I second this! It’s awesome!