Nominations for Featured!


@hopscotch-curators I think when this topic reaches 10,000 posts that you guys should make the new topic.
“New Nominations For Featured”


@Xman0417 I am thirding that nomination


RIGHT BACK WITH A NEW NOMINATION! @hopscotch-curators @XmanFrens

This is Mystic Maniac’s Brother, And has the same story.

This would be a rare music project on featured if it does get featured. However. I. Want. Both. Projects. On. Featured.

Nah jk. I will accept one or the other. I would like both, but it might be too late now.


@Xman0417 That project has a simple feel to it. It looks so plain. I liked the Idle Boxes one though


I nominate Christmas Coders rainbow calligraphy art pad!


Hi! I would like to self nominate myself for featured, if that’s ok with you… Sorry, that sounds rlly arrogant! :sweat::sweat: It’s just bc I put a lot of effort into this project:

It’s a survey on popular movies of 2017. It’s pretty simple and it may seem like the creation of a noob, but i put a lot of effort into it to code the star ratings and to find the perfect colour palette. And I also think a survey like this has never made it in featured, and it gives ppl something fun to do if they’re bored- without taking up too much of their time. Here’s a pic of it;


Here is another self- nomination:

This is maybe the best game I ever made!


I nominate this;

This is a survey on movies from 2017 by @TheGreatCatsby . Pastel rainbow background, well functioning star rating and editing systems and 12 popular movies from this yr make it a project which deserves to be featured. She is also a rlly nice hopscotcher :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Thx, Mistyleaf1029


This was already nominated


@hopscotch-curators I can look for Christmas projects if you want to see some good projects to put into featured that are Christmas themed!


@MyPi and @TheGreatCatsby Thanks for your nomination! Feel free to self-nominate anytime! :smiley:

Keep in kind that we try to only feature projects from the same Hopscotcher at least a month a part.

Thank you @HopscotchRemixer that would be really helpful! :smiley:


Ok I found 2, it is hard to find them because trending is gone:

Also there are quite a few HSers have had back to back features.


I nominate Christmas Coders crossy road!


I would do that except I’ve seen literally two of those


Thank you so much! XD


What if the project is revolutionary/been worked on for so long?


I second or third @Dylan329’s pixel art.


Anyways I also self nominate my actual best game I have ever made. Yes, better than Minecraft parkour and better than Jedi adventure. I would also like to shoutout @HopscotchRemixer and @MR.GAM3R for helping me clean out the project as is crashed a lot and one stage.

I used pixel texts on a lot and even the Pokemon, all of them - I don’t think pixels have ever been used as such, I’m proud of this achievement. It sort of revoloutises Pokemon (never been made on hopscotch)

It’s called Pokemon Red & Blue.

Wait here is the better link:
Nope. That got stuck in filter. 3rd time lucky! Not that.

Also I did spend a good month working on it.


Yay! Thanks for the shoutout! I second the nomination!


Well I need to find the filter block first…