Nominations for Featured!


Cool I third it…did you change anything except for what I did?


Yeah… Ifyou look in new you can see what I changed… I did bug fixes, background, credits and the text is also easier to read


I looked at the game and there is no modulo clock to be found


There is, actually.
No idea where, but it increases the spinning speed of the spotlight as your score increases


I Second This! You Made A Cool Project Out Of A Basic Object! This Deserves Featured In My Opinion!


I nominate this:

It’s pretty cool


Guys… I think they said they feature 2 each day, but not on weekends… so it probably won’t be featured until Monday… idk, maybe they do now


I know. I just want to put it out there so that it’s seen.


You’re right, we don’t feature projects on the weekends. But we often plan out features in advance, so you can nominate any time! :upside_down_face:


This is my friend’s (@Mystic_Maniac) last project before having to turn in his school iPad (because he is moving).

Edit: He’s working on trying to get a new version out; but he is not sure if it will get done. I think his last day with his iPad is Wednesday, so the final version will Be Tuesday.


This is a really cool Christmas tree pixel art by @HopscotchRemixer


I nominate @MyPizza’s new pixel art:


Wow thanks! I have never gotten someone to nominate one of my projects by themselves! Thanks! I second it!(If I can)


A cool pixel arting? I third it!


Thank you fo thirding it! I worked hard on it because it is my first real pixel art.


It is really good. I made a remix changing the style of pixels. You actually motivated me to make my own.


Thank you so much for nominating me!
*dies of happiness


Here is the final version, by @Mystic_Maniac

As you know, this will be one of the (if not the last) last projects of Mystic Maniac, unless the new school gives out school iPads.

@hopscotch-curators @XmanFrens


This is a really cool tapper game! I second the nomination!


Thank you for seconding it.

I’ve tried to get projects of his on featured before, but no success.

Now that he is leaving (again, this time (probably) for good), I want to get one of his projects on featured.

Can this maybe be featured on Tuesday?
If not, it’s fine.