Nominations for Featured!


Hi blast! I see you again. I did you see my new project?


Hellooooo? You there? I’m Bored… :cold_sweat:


Fanstastic! I second it!


I nominate this project it’s AWEsome!


Hey, Could we speak in your chat?




Good job! Congrats!!!


Thank you! It means alot! I’m sooo happy!


Will it count if you only got featured 1nce?
It was like a billiontrillionmillion decades ago


So this isn’t featured worthy eh? @hopscotch-curators, anything I can add for a feature? I really want to get this one featured!

Congrats @Jordan


Thanks Blast! Although I think yours is WAYY better. It deserves feature.


No problem.
I don’t exactly know why mine isn’t…


#BlastDeservesFeature. It’s better than mine.


I know ur not really meant to self nominate but I nominate this:

I worked really hard on this… I hope you guys like it…


You are welcome, @Jordan! It was an awesome project! :smiley:

@BlastFusion- sometimes we like to wait a little bit before we feature projects. We would like to make featured as diverse as possible, just wait! :wink:

@Stal98 There is nothing wrong with self nominating when you think you deserve it! :slight_smile:


Thank you! It means a lot.


Ah ok, thanks! I was just curious as I thought there were bugs again.


No bugs, it’s an awesome project! (Lol thanks for the spamlikes)


:sob::sob::sob: I didn’t get featured…
What do I need to add to make it featured… or will that project never be featured??


I would make the background better and put some awesome design on the dots. As well as the things moving down :D.