Nominations for Featured!


I’m self nominating. It took me a LOOONG time to make. It’s for Christmas hope you enjoy!


That’s a remix BTW…


Hello! Did you check out my project? I’m just happy sry. It took me forever too make.


Which project is yours? There are a lot on this topic
: P


The self nominating one. The Christmas one.


Found it!
It’s cool and I mean that both in the wordplay sense and in the “idea is a good and neat” one


Thx! :slight_smile: it took me a looong time.


Most of the time I feel so weird cause it takes a Long time for people to reply :crying_cat_face:


Bye! I’m going to go. Be back soon.


I see. I happened to be on now and I like to see what’s new on this topic.


Cool! I hope my project will get on featured! I worked A LOT on it. It’s my second feature then!


OMG SmileyAlyssa😊 Liked my project!


I gav e Santa a Star Wars quote.

5e last thing Vader says to Pbi-Wan in revenge of the sith.

@Kayro should know what that is.


Lol ok? Sure santa nindriod me confus


I hate u?
Or was it “moan” lel


5e first one.


I know we already have an emoji make on featured, but this one is also really cool:


That’s what I thought.

Also when you tagged me I thought you were nominating me for featured. I guess I’ll never make it there.


I’m self nominating


I worked really hard on cleaning up bugs and added many awesome things and effects such as a restart button:

I really see this as featured worthy. Are there any bugs? Please let me know, thanks!