Nominations for Featured!


I shouldn’t even both to put my name in.
I’m an artist with trashy art. I’m not getting featured.


Shush…you’re an amazing artist…and you did get a featured challenge.


thx Sophia. ;/ ya, but that was for smth I coded when I first joined HS.
and it was still code. :PP


It was good though. You’ve got really good potential.


thanks. but do I have the motivation? XPP
I’m scared to look at the replies to the last thing [before this stuff] I posted XP


You’ve got the motivation too…it comes naturally if you are really excited to code.
You can look…


hm. I’ll try sometime.
okay, I’ll look. :0


Congratulation on your feature! You deserved it.


I worked with full heart and effort in this game,

It has slight changes but is quite fun and awesome. I think it is featured worthy.
Also this was inspired by a trail art by @BB-Box


Hello! I going to soon show you my new project i made!


Hi Blast!!! I really like your projects


Thanks so much!


No Problem! I just was playing your game. Its AWESOME!


I nominate this project. its awesome!


i will play that later on my phone. btw, do you know how to log out from an hour of code account?

it looks awesome


You have to sign up.


You have to actually make an account and then you can log out of that


@Artistic_cat you should post more often if you want me to check out your projects,
@Allyb I like your projects but you should still post more.
@PartTimeFemale I can’t find your account can I get a link?


Heres a thing none of them are realy worth featuring


Or reinstall the app.