Nominations for Featured!


Getting there actually means a lot more than getting a feature now days… Thanks tho.


I felt really happy for you, bc remeber the topic you made and I made terrible theories


ahhhh IVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD. thank you for that


Well it’s true that coding should hog the spotlight because HS is a coding app but art won’t hurt on featured. Great zzlyzoe got a lot of features Once Upon A Time…


That’s messed up. I can’t say you’re wrong though. Sadly, It doesn’t change the fact that Trending is decreasing in quality overall, even compared to Featured. However, many specific projects, like yours are still good.


yeah. I’d love to get my art on featured ;-; coughs


Sorry for the Self-Nomination but I worked really hard on this project and I fixed a few bugs!



Never mind @hopscotch-curators @Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa
I’ve got the new Beta Version


Yay! You’re on featured! Congrats! Getting a feature feels sooooo good.


I second that…


Heh… I know you’re not MENT to self nominate, buuuutttttt well, I feel as if this should be featured.

With 3 different backgroumd themes and an option to round the result, as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, power, randomise and percentage! Not only that it can process SUPER large calculations and is all round really useful.
What do you think @hopscotch-curators? Does this project have a chance of making featured?
Ahhhh! I just updated it:

OK, last thing:



This is cool! I second it!


Great project! It’s a bit slow though, but never mind that!


Nothing happens… this is confusing me.
@creationsofanoob are there actually foxes?


If they get too close to the edge of the screen they get stolen by the fox, when they all are gone you lose and it shows how many seconds you could keep them all alive. (What I do is let the other ones die so I only have to manage 1)


Yeah there isn’t a fox sprite, it is just when your chickens get so far away


Thank you so much @hopscotch-curators for the feature! It’s my 7th feature!
Speed Game
Airplane Simulator
Solar Destroy
And the newest one: The Boston Tea Party!


Can I self nominate this project for Starter Projects? Also Starter Projects hasn’t been updated in awhile @hopscotch-curators

It is a basic template that people can use to mak their own website


Wow! I am amazed! This was a clever, smart, exciting project made by CMS Studios. The horror was a fun aspect and the intro was pretty fun too. Also, I don’t know what comes after the fighting scene with Mr Tickles but it would surely be good too. This deserves a feature strongly.


@OMTL I would like to know who hasn’t got featured yet so I can check your projects and maybe nominate some of them!
Edit your name in:
Xman0417 (the main good coding project I have, a new edition is happening for it.)