Nominations for Featured!


Present Drop by Nindroid Games™

I second that. :smiley:


I third it!! (^-^)


I forth it!
Great game!


I fifth it! Honestly, it’s amazing.


i sixth it


Not sure if I nominated this before.


Oh look I am on the credits list…oh yeah I like tested this project like 10 times…thank you for putting me in the credits @NindroidGames


I seventh it!! (If that’s possible)


@hopscotch-curators I was just out standee by this Sin&Cos project for the Hoplympics! It has a tutorial, a save option and even an open file option! This is a must play project for Sin & Cos drawing Superstars!

@MyPi This is a great project and I think must be featured!


I second that


I eighth that


I third that!



I nominate this

I don’t think anyone already nominated it so…


@hopscotch-curators, what are you looking for, for featured (as in games, sin/cos etc.) and how often are going to feature projects? =DDD


Will they feature on weekends?


Hmm . . . I wonder the same, like what would there schedule be :thinking::thinking:

P.s. congrats on top of trending! @BlastFusion


There are many things we look for in projects.

Projects that are fun to play
Projects that are well-designed and have an attractive screenshot
Projects that use innovative coding techniques and push the boundaries of Hopscotch
Projects that encourage remixing and give people ideas of things to make
Diversity of type of projects: if we just featured a game, we’ll look for art and visa versa
Diversity of creators: projects made by new or first-time Featured Hopscotchers

This was a list made by Liza and it pretty much sums up what we look for :slight_smile:

We try look for a variety of projects, not just games, but when possible we try to look for types of projects such as trail art, pixel art, or any other type of project that is unique and interesting!

@BlastFusion we feature 2 projects a day, not including weekends, so 10 projects a week.

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I think some more art on featured would be nice.