Nominations for Featured!


You’re welcome! XD :D

And thank you!!! (^-^)


Ok thanks for your feedback I will add that in the next version.


@hopscotch-curators I specifically updated it so now it has an arrow indicator. Also made the pie trail art better. @Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa @TheCoders @POMTL


Nice addition! :wink:


Thank you Alyssa! Is okay if I call you that?


Yep, that’s fine :smiley:


I think maybe you should repost your website just so people know you are back. Or maybe make an announcement board and post on it saying “I’m still here just out of ideas” or something.


That’s a good idea! I’m planning on posting a project sometime this week, I’m super close to being done with a few old projects!
and by super close I mean there’s a bug I’m trying to fix XD


I can help you if it’s a game or something…I am good with variables and that is about it…

Smiley Random Topic



Amesome, it looks really great! :smile: I love the new turn indicators :slight_smile:




(Sry for self-nomination, but I’ve spent a while on this)
I nominate a-this!


I second that. :smiley:


AAAAAH, TYSM FOR NOMINATING IT!! This is my first feature…I’ve been screaming on my general topic already. Oh yeah, and curators, you girls…thank you!


No problem, it was an awesome (and very addictive) game! :smiley:


You’re welcome, and congratulations!!! It’s so awesome that you got your first feature! :D


Well done @AwesomeJediE for the feature!!!


Thanks! And thanks for nomintating me, and thanks @hopscotch-curators for putting it on there! :smiley: