Nominations for Featured!


it isnt complete, but i thought i’d put this here anyways.

Im working on it still, theres more to come




Hm, the curators put stuff on rising too. :thinking:


Rising has been in dire need of updating though


Yep! Feel free to nominate some projects for rising, too! :smiley:


I nominate this project for featured:

It is an interesting Undertale project and I have never seen this on HS. It is also well made. @Mr.rex great project!


Sorry for ththe self nomination:

I worked hard on this project. I don’t know it would be nice if it got featured.


It is cool! I second it!


@hopscotch-curators can u feature this plz


It has been updated…I just got rising last week or week before and someone got it a few days after.


I second it!

I mean, Undertale might not be as popular as it once was, but it still is a great game.


It’s a good project. I love the concept…I do remember a pie face game by Shortney (I might have misspelled that) being on featured once.


I nominate this, it’s really fun to play :D


I nominate this, by @CreationsOfaNoob!


I second that.
It’s a great game. ;D


I third that, it’s so cool! (^-^)



@hopscotch-curators if there was anything. I could add to this game so I could get featured could you tell me? I have been working on this game for a month now.

@Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa


I love it, it’s so fun and unique! I love the emojis and the pies! Maybe just an indicator of whose turn it currently is? But you don’t have to add that, the game still works very well. Either way you will see it on fetaured this week :slight_smile:


Hm, that explains both of the curators liking it XD. Tysm! Congrats on your featured. Oh…and Lolly, you got the 150th like on my goldfinch pixel art…congratulations on that too