Nominations for Featured!


Idk… that is very well weird…


I didn’t… idk it’s weird


I got tagged and I didn’t
Why u use the omtl
Use like a friend list or something


I didn’t use omtl!!!


I’m fine with it being nominated. I’m planning to add a lot more to the Beta edition so it won’t be out for a while.


So, u still want it on featured???


Yeah, I’d love that.


Well @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa here is nominations for featured even though I bet you have been here a lot of times.


Thank you! I will be checking this topic a lot :slight_smile: to make it easier you can just tag @hopscotch-curators


Oh yeah I forgot…lol😂


Are you guys going to be promoted to leader or what? Do you get to access THT’s account and feature things?


We don’t have access to things on the forum but we do have access to the back end of Hopscotch to feature the projects.


Oh ok that is cool! Good luck!


Thank you! (I already started a few weeks ago but I don’t think anyone knew :slightly_smiling_face:)


Oh ok…have you featured anything yet?


Yes, I’ve been featuring for a few weeks, which is why I’ve been liking almost every single post in this topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh great! The past few projects have really deserved featured! I feel like THT just needed someone to do this so they could focus on making new updates and stuff. Honestly am think it is best if the community helps with featured too. And you are a big part of the community!


Lol, same :laughing: I’ve had this topic on watching for a while




This one is better then the other one