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It’s not instructions,

It’s just a description to help with bug fixing

I hope no one uses it


My skit project on how to protect yourself and identifying the “Remix 404” bug.

Is it necessary?

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The featured bug is now on trending and trending is DISGRACEFUL

So far so good…

Unsure = A lot%


I nominate


I self nominate:



@awesome_e can I ask u a question…

how does it feel having a featured project?

What is some advice to Hopscotchers that would like to be on featured?


Featured projects…just work for it…work for like a month on it and make it go through like 10 beta tests…then it will most likely get featured…I have 3 features…


Ur not awesome e.

(I’m reporting here)


Being on featured feels great! Everyone gets to see your project because all the other tabs are forgotten about, and like HopscotchRemixer said, work hard on it. Take my E-Pad and Minigames for example. Those took me something like 2 months to make (only to get laggy thanks to recent webplayer updates).

I have no idea how Eclipse got featured because I spent at most one hour making it… so I guess that is an exception. The game is still fun though.


Well, one thing for sure you deserve more than 1 like.


Thanks. Congratulations on your featured.


It feels great. But, to tell you the truth. Getting a Feature is worse than good. You get it, and everyone likes all of your projects, but then, less people like your projects, and you get annoyed because you are used to all of the attention. It’s better to just make great projects.


True, but I really don’t care for something like 5 likes as opposed to my 8k on Minigames.


This is really good. They always have good interactive pixel arts.


I second this nomination


Awe! Thank you so much for the nomination! :blush:


This is an awesome game by @AwesomeJediE which lets you record a song that you make and replay it. You can also just play around with different notes…




I always wanted to make a music recording piano but I could never figure out how. This is such a genius way of doing it! I second this nomination!


It is awesome, but I think Jedi wants to wait until it’s finshed, as this is just the Alpha
Also, how was I tagged…?