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People can save as a draft, then trade projects and the "remix’ sign disappears. Mr.gam3r did this while editing my Minecraft parkour (by accident)


Okay, thanks for letting me know. It’s hard to tell if a project is original or not! :thinking:

Does anybody have any other nominations?


@BB-Box what do you think of this? A copy of your badminton?

It really does annoy me so much with these artificial coders - some of us put so much effort in our projects, yet others cheap out on us with their laziness:


How do you tell if a project is secretly a copy? Is there any way to know unless you have already seen the orginal project?


By playing it I can just tell that the person has copied another project. Obviously we remember those really amazing projects and these are the ones copied - because others want themselves to look like they were the ones who made it.


Hey! Welcome back to the forum by the way!


That’s hilarious! I just played the (copied version of the) game, and it has a glitch where instead of putting down “Meltdowns” it puts down the builders in the original one made by COAN.
EDIT: It’s not hilarious for COAN, though. Stop copying!



Do we even know if these people do it on purpose?


That’s a good point, maybe some people don’t even know the remix tag didn’t show up.


JSON Modifying as far as I tried cannot remove the remix tag, but there was one update about a year ago that removed remix tags from all drafts.

Conclusion: If the project is relatively new, they must have screenshotted all the code or copied all the blocks


No, there’s an easy way to do it in the app.



I was wondering why Eclispe was starting to gain likes!




There’s a recent topic with instructions. It’s kind of confusing but shows one way that uses the same glitch.


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Happy anniversary @NindroidGames


Can you link it?


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Check @Mr.rex’s latest topic.