Nominations for Featured!


I moderate the nominations, I can tell you if you nominated a copy :p




(@Hermione)I know that this has already been nominated several times, but it is really awesome and should totally be on featured:

It’s amazing, @sophia71205!


Look at that trash lol


Which project R U talking about?


Awe, tysm! That so kind of you.


Post 9045ish

Not the post tho lol the project


I mean, that’s a great project and all, but HOW did it get on featured?



I trolled them and spamliked them lololol


Did they copy the code completely or did they just steal the idea?


Remix bar bug? What it’s this?


They stole it. Just the remix bar, after some manipulations, disappeared.


I second it! Great job @sophia71205!


Awe, tysm, DMF!!!


No problem. It’s really good! My pixel arts are really bad compared to yours.


But your trail arts are amazing…especially compared to mine


Trail arts, but not pixel arts. Keep coding, pls. I really hope that I can make you get a feature.


Here is a cool project (again by Multus), it was made some time ago, and is a recreation of Crossy Road, but it is awesome!


This seriously is disgraceful:

@CreationsOfaNoob has been copied completely - this person was barely bothered to even make the slightest changes to the game - this is completely copied and is unworthy of being featured worthy.

Copying projects must be stopped immediately. It’s a continuous problem.

@Liza please take this off featured and take a look at the real version and the coder who put real effort to achieve a great game that it unworthy of being copied:


I agree, it’s a problem. How do they copy these projects?