Nominations for Featured!


It looks cool and I think that the project shows a really cool way to modify a custom rule.


@Liza @Rodrigo
A while ago you featured “Bug Fight” by DJSWAGDABOSS. Please remove it. The project was originally made by @AHappyCoder, its name is “Mantid”. It’s a copy, and DJSWAGDABOSS is just a copycat saying he isn’t. Is there any way to fix the stealing bug? I can email you explaining how can you do it, as I figured it out a month ago. Thanks!


‘Ive been ‘oodwinked



Can I please have a link?


I promise I won’t roast him




Like I said, I’ve been ‘oodwinked, though Mantid was actually featured lol


I’m pretty sure that tennis game that is featured has been made and stolen many times. I don’t have a link I just remember seeing a tennis game, with exactly the same bugs a long time ago. @Funky_63_Greenland I think you made the original project.



This might have gone a bit too far.


It’s his choice. He’s a copycat. Copying projects is very bad. Honestly, I can’t even look at hops who steal people’s using this trick.
His “Bug Fight” project shouldn’t be featured again. He only changed the game name.
THT, thanks!


I guess. But he did make a few original cool projects.


Yeah. But again, I think it’s his choice—he could say “sorry, I copied some project using the remix bar bug” or something like this, and continue making his original project. But he says that he did “all of coding”. People just tell him true.


Hm. I guess you’re right. Anyways, I’m bored. Do you want to collab?


(Out of likes)
No, sorry… I can’t use HS a lot now


Okay. Why not?


Sorry, I don’t really want to tell, just I don’t have iPad now, I’m on my phone. It’s old, and I can’t update HS to make projects. Now I just can see the featured page. ;)


It’s not a “copy” of mine project but it’s similar, it’s easy to make.


Still look at this sick game he made


It’s a copy of @Curved_Guitar’s game.


I was just about to nominate it for featured XD