Nominations for Featured!


I’m nominating this for featured. ;D

It’s simple but it’s cute and I like it! It’s about The Hopscotch Team’s Daisy the dinosaur app.


Thank you!! :D

I second it XD ;D


Like I said on the other topic, this project is really cool and deserves featured :D


Dats more like it


I nominate this cool, interactive project :D


Thanks, Lolly!

It probably won’t get featured though, it’s pretty simple and probably has a few bugs. XD


No problem crazy :DDD


I nominate @KayKat Geometwo Dash! It’s kinda hard, but it’s really cool!


Even though @Dolphin_coders just got featured, this recent project is Awesome!


Woah!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!

I second that amazing nomination


Lol XD Sorry to break this to you but you sorta can’t second your own project :stuck_out_tongue:


Second that nomination!


Oh… that’s real sad…


Nice project! I third it!


This project is lit. By @HopedHoper


Aww thank you! Just saying I need to give credit to TitanBoy and I only spent 2.5 hours on it


You’re welcome frenpai


I third that. It’s actually been nominated in the past…by me. I can’t wait to nominate her trail art that should be out…whenever she finishes it.

People do it all the time.


Why couldn’t you?


Mostly because it’s YOUR own project
It’s like voting for yourself in an election