Nominations for Featured!


Oh yeh I think I remember him saying that


This can open up a whole new world for hopscotch! I eighth it.


It’s that awesome XD


Firstly I’ll have to stop thinking about how long it’ll take to Pixelised everything.


What I found we made an awesome 3D game, that would be a game changer!!!


Seriously? On a topic to nominate things for featured you are asking a personal question? I thought that this was banned.


Oh right, oops didn’t realize it was on this topic, and still voted lol


Heh. I know you aren’t really ment to self nominate… but I put lots of effort into this project :smiley: so here it is:

It is the first drawing pad of mine that I have ever nominated… I haven’t really self nominated at all now that I think about it… anyways, hope you guys enjoy!


I second that nomination!


Thank you!!! :smiley:


I third your nomination


I forth the nomination! Make that featured!


My Nomines:


I think that it should be featured too.

That is cool! I look forward to see you on here more.


I fifth it! It’s awsome!


I click on this topic and I find this post of all posts… my very first wut


Lol XD You have a very looooooooooooooooooong username


8900 Post! Nearly at 10000 posts! Everyone nominate!


It’s only 21characters long heh


I nominate this

It’s not that feature worthy but I’m nominating it anyways