Nominations for Featured!


I don’t feel like projects are getting enough likes, I mean most of my featured eventually got 500 with a week but it seems that my latest featured project won’t get there :frowning:


Yeh features aren’t getting enough likes anymore


Pft! I don’t even have a trending! My sad life.


Just keep making projects, don’t give up, you will get one eventually :slight_smile:


Who cares about likes. I care about getting GC.


GC would be awesome to get lol


Wait what’s GC???


Golden Cab.


Game changers, I’m guessing XD


Idk maybe you could do a labyrinth tilting maze?


Woah! Amzing 3D Projection project Creations Of A Noob! This was amazing! :wink: Hello fellow hopscotchers! I have not been back on Hopscotch for a while, I have been inactive for a couple of months and I came back to check things out! I really saw a lot of good projects on featured, so keep it up! I might consider coming back on Hopscotch and posting more weekly for being active but… I still have to keep my grades up and this is a very addicting app! I might post maybe soon soon so stay tuned!
The most delicious:
OriginalCherry. :hugs::cherries:


Yeah. You’ll get there.

If not my latest project, I hope my next one will.


(I sixth it)


Definatly 7th it (⌒▽⌒)


Thank you!!! :D


You’re welcome!!


Any hints you want to give us about your next project?


@BlastFusion is making a Pokémon RPG


Tell me when that’s done.


@DECODECO @CreationsOfaNoob This could open up a whole new 3D world! IN HOPSCOTCH!!!