Nominations for Featured!


I 5th it if it hasn’t been featured yet.


I nominate this aquarium by @William04GamerA he is to good, just crazy amazing!


My friend worked super hard on this.

Please feature this! She would be sooo happy.


I second nominate that I think…


So that was the nomination that you talked about, and thank you! I was going to add fish, but I somehow didn’t use trails to fill the biggest glass in the front, and that was a super big mistake. I will update it soon, because the sand looks like it has disappeared on the far right, but otherwise, I am proud of that aquarium.

And once again, I really appreciate that you like my projects and as you are one of my favorite Hopscotchers, this means so much for me. Thank you, this made my day! :smile:


You’re welcome! If you add fish it would look amazing, and definitely feature worthy, if they can move. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, and I might try to do that.


Can’t wait to see it! :grinning:


I don’t know if I can to this but I made a project to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. I think it would be so cool is everyone had :reminder_ribbon: At the end of their username. I nominate myself​:joy:.

please check this out to spread Breast Cancer Awareness across the HS community.


Good cause! I second it!


my creativity went over my self
congrats to EmeraledButterfly!


I think it is! :scream:


I nominate this by @minioncandy!


lol XD
Thank you so much tho :3333333


Thanks so much for featured!,
@minioncandy your featured!


This is like my only feature worthy project…





Great start to a Monday I guess lol


Dude all ur projects are featured worthy XD


Congratulations to your featured!


Um, no they’re not… but thankssss