Nominations for Featured!


Thanketh chu!
:smiley: ur too kind


What’s with the weird o in your name?


thanks for 92 likes? lol


I nominate this Amazing Project👏

It’s fun and is really organized and clean


I second it!!!


I third this.


Do not like self nominating because I feel desperate to get featured when I do it but I worked quite a while getting all the details right on the actually working web browser with Google, Live football and Food website!


I nominate Sticker Creater by Moumoute678 (idk if they have forum)

It’s a very awesome game!


I nominate this Algebra Calculator by the amazing @William04GamerA

MATH lol
It’s a very great calculator.

William04GamerA, is it complete?


Wow! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!

Well, it works, but it could be improved with a new design and better features. I hope to make it faster and have more options, but it is not totally unfinished, it will just be updated with new functions and bug fixes, if there are any.


Ok. Well can’t wait to see it. :smiley:


I nominate that


Second/third it coz it is FANTAZTIC


Isn’t this a copy of jeff3321🇷🇺‘S Hopscotch beta


no problem xD


I don’t really see why you would want to check numbers from 100 or something to 0? Just use

if answer < 100 and Answer > 0
    set answerTrue 1

I actually wonder why its so complicated


Yeah, that is a possible code that I will try out, thank you for sharing it! I have only coded the first version so far, and it just decreases the value by one every time and check if it is equal to the equation, and if it would check all possible numbers, it could take several minutes to do that.


I nominate this.


I third it! It’s very good! :smile:


I fourth it