Nominations for Featured!


How much work did you put in to this project


Well I just don’t think it’s feature worthy

I don’t think it’s bad, I do like it, but I wouldn’t nominate it

I know she spent a long tim coding it, but that wont make me think it’s feature worthy


Well, that type of project isn’t really feature worthy. No offense.


If you didn’t know, this month is childhood cancer awareness month. I nominate this project about it:


tbh I only put about 3 hours into it.

A lot of projects on featured people spend days coding but mine wasn’t by that long.

Thank for saying it’s feature worthy tho. I really appreciate it :3

I know it won’t get featured but thx for trying
-sends virtual hug-


~sends virtual hug back~


Is this featured? I think that it deserves it.


It’s not. I totally agree with you too.


Thanks @BB-Box, @William04GamerA and the other legends who nominated this.

@BB-Box, could you nominate it in the official topic rather than here? I don’t think it’s allowed here??


I think this is the best topic for nominating things to any channel.


I nominate this by @NeoPixel


I second this!! It’s so fun :D


Thanks so much @HappyDolphin and @Lollypopcorn!!!


anonymous? you make me laugh.


I nominate carliques new drawing pad. It’s the ms paint one. It’s very creative and has a lot of cool features. It’s very similar to the real ms paint! Please nominate it!


I nominate this:


You’re welcome! (^-^)




Ooooh I second it :00