Nominations for Featured!


Fantastic. But I’m confused on @BB-Box’s remark…


I nominate this by @NindroidGames


Hi!!! I nominate
Hopscotch Gem! by Madsie_
For featured.


Here’s the link


I’m almost sure they won’t see it there


it works.
i was just confused first by how it worked.


I nominate this!


:0 my pet and…hold on a sec I am a squid Ima pet too!


Oh, it doesn’t move, it’s a trail art. But I did it based on a video tutorial from hopscotch


Listen up, peeps!

I vote Madsie_'s hopscotch gem should be on featured.
Vote please! It’s an anonymous poll.

  • I second that
  • Nah…not rlly
  • Eh

0 voters


Wait can anyone nominate something if u r on hopscotch? My hopscotch username is MightyWaffle™


I would follow you, but my iPad is dead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I second this!!


I third (or forth) it, as it is just amazing and I am so happy that you have fixed it now!


Only one way to find out for sure @MagmaPOP are you really back


its called imposters
probs should check his actual hs
but yeah thats one way to find out


XD I did not think THT still looked at this topic

I nominate this!

And I saw this

Note to self: start on new project NOW


Why not?


Because it’s not feature worthy


She spent a long time coding it and it is amazing
It is feature worthy
Maybe you just don’t have an eye for what should be featured