Nominations for Featured!


I second it! It’s really good, like all your games.


I nominate this


I eighth it, it is a really good project!


I nominate You are goat at by Candyman Coding🍭


I nominate:

For a feature!!
Check This Out!!


Hmmm that’s already featured


I don’t really like self nominating but I had to nominate it.
My new quiz Dr Dansers Devilish Brain Test Is SOOOOO good!


My invention! @t1_hopscotch maybe you can make this a starter project?


I second it! It is a great game!


I really liked it!!! I thought it was fun and entertaining, definitely deserves a feature.


This game was fixed, and, there are many add ons. Even New skins!

It is my best project and is perfectly okay to play.


it works perfect at the not level mode(forgot what the name was XD)
at level mode you still die…
I got no idea what the problem is…


you didn’t die at level mode XD

so i second nominate that project, and I also nominate it for game changer as I’ve seen how you’ve worked with this project even when it got bad.


I third that nomination!


I made a topic for nominating projects for game changers

Maybe Do it there?


Only THT choses it :wink:


Hello @BlastFusion! Just to let you know that tomorrow is your cakeday! So happy “early” cakeday!


1 year already? Feels more like 5 months!


Level mode works for me. I’m confused? @Thinbuffalo does it work?


Levels mode works for me (tested on the project linked above).