Nominations for Featured!


I second this nomination


I third this nomination! :D


I fourth it, @PIANOMAN did a really good job, I was actually thinking about nominating it yesterday😁


I Fifth that Nomination!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


I nominate


I sixth it! lol
credit to @NindroidGames


I nominate this:


I nominate this amazing trail art/pixel art by @Mathgirl

I honestly thought it was just an image at first


I second that nomination


Haha me too @Dylan329
And I third that


fourth it
it’s amazing!


I fifth that nomination :o
It looks so realistic!


I sixth that! :smiley:


I nominate this because it uses cool maths and could teach some stuff to Hops. @Liza @Rodrigo

Plus it’s a rare time I drew anything.


It’s better than how I would’ve made it.
I would’ve literally copied the image into Hopscotch with trail art.


I seventh (or is it eighth) it!


I eighth or ninth! I was gonna post that! :smiley:

Edit: it got featured!


I nominate this game

My sister made it and she worked very hard. It took her a 5 days to make it.


Updated version @Liza @Rodrigo