Nominations for Featured!


I feel like the spinner game needs more mechanics… like maybe it gets faster or maybe the colors change…


@CheckyWecky are you FishyWa?


I just got to 117 on that game


yeah. How did you know?


I nominate

There’s some awesome physics in it.


that’s just me testing the physics for a game I’m making but thanks lol


But it’s really cool.


@BB-Box @CreativeCoder
I can’t speak for CreativeCoder but this game is a test and he/she maybe is working on some HUGE physic game. Maybe that’s why it’s called a test but I don’t know so sorry if I’m wrong.


Then both could be featured.


I nominate @Dylan329’s Bird Pixel Art! It’s super big, took a long time, and looks amazing. It entirely deserves a feature.


Didn’t he already post that and get, like 12 nominations?


@moderators is ther going to be a nomination for Starter Projects topic?


I don’t think he did. I just checked his posts. Maybe someone else nominated it? I didn’t see if so.


This is when it was already nominated. It was a while ago.


Maltese you gave me my first and only featured.


Whale it was the Hopscotch Team but

U NOMINATED :smiley:


Only feature? You might get more!


I nominate @Explorer_'s Frappe Maker!


Oh, sorry, I thought this was Gobli’s GT… Apologies!


Holy cow! TYSM! I’ve never been nominated featured before! :smiley:


Ooooh that’s good frappe. :3