Nominations for Featured!


Thanks @HappyDolphin ! Glad you like it!


Thank you @TheRealPikachu and @HopscotchRemixer!
I’ve actually never been on the top of featured before.
I’ve been on the second place but not first do it means a lot to me.


@BB-Box congrats on Featured!!!


Thanks :grinning: :slight_smile:


Nice Job! You are amazing!


Thank you :grinning:


Congratulations @BB-Box!

@HopscotchRemixer I third-nominate your project. It’s cool and creative.




Congratulations @BB-Box you got featured!!!


I sixth it! Totally deserves featured


I’m not mad or anything- but shouldn’t this be on starter projects? But, IDEK so if I’m missing something than shame on me. :joy:


Some of the starter projects got on featured, but yeah, I kinda agree. And that one isn’t even in starter projects.

Also, I self nominate this project for the starter projects category –


Educational, simple, with animations, Love it.


Ooh that’s good. :+1:


Second the road safety homework!


I third safety!


I forth safety! It teaches us some safety stuff so yeah


I (what) fifth this! It’s a great game plus road safety is a very important thing.


I nominate this


I second this. (Don’t judge) To me, it’s a very fun pastime. Though, I would change it a little because some other hopscotchers have made similar projects and then they may not want you to “copy” their stuff.