Nominations for Featured!


I was just going to nominate that. It’s an amazing project, I third it!


I fifth it! That’s a good pixel art with an amazing an innovative way of speeding up the process.


Wow. I love the way it looks.


I fifth that cool game by lavadrop


I 6th it.


I seventh it, LavaDrop did good on that game


I self nominate this pixel art.
It isn’t the best, but I spent a while on it.


I second nominate that.
It’s cool wits the grid thing in the background.
Darkrai is also a cool Pokemon.


I third dat nomination. It pretty cool


I fourth (is that a thing?) that nomination for sure!


I nominate this amazing trail art and quote by @PIANOMAN


I Second that Water/Lemonade Trail Art :smiley:


I third the lemonade trail art.


Well, of course I fourth it. Thanks


(And water and sugar)


I was just about to nominate it!!
I fifth it!!!


Congrats, @BB-Box ! It was featured!!!


Congrats! @BB-Box for da feature!


I self-nominate this project that I have worked on and off of for a few months. I like to play around with the different HSBs.


Yum! Looks good! I second this.