Nominations for Featured!


It’s ok, that happened to me before, one time I criticized a feature for not being feature worthy. I feel really bad now…


I nominate my own

I think it deserve featured as it’s a new pixel art type and it loads really fast.


I was just about to nominate I had already copied the link😀


But anyways, I second that



Thanks :smile:


Hey was just looking at that, I third it


Which project?


The pixel art, aren’t you gonna make a topic teaching that type of pixel art?


I will tomorrow.
I’ve no time now.

Also, thanks for nominating it.


Cool, I really want to do pixel art, Thnks😁


I third this wonderful pixel art!


Thank you!


I fourth the out of this world amazing new revolutionary extrodinarily smooth extreme double plus platinum edition mega version Supra duper pixel art made by @BB-Box


I nominate this by @WaterFlame!


Waw thank you @PurpleArtist!


Yeah, whatever, your welcome. It is a really cool little animation


Hehe, thanks :smiley:


this is pretty good


Wow just about to nominatate that XD
I second that lol


I fourth it!
It’s a new kind of pixel art from what I’ve heard