Nominations for Featured!


Thanks for the featured!! I’m so happy! Thanks to
@HopscotchRemixer and @thebananaman and THT I got my feature!


Cool. :+1:


Happy to help!!!


I sixth (?) it.

@Liza, this really should be featured. It is one of the most good looking games i’ve ever seen on Hopscotch.


I seventh it

You should be really proud now as you got a compliment by COAN @MR.GAM3R.


I eight that game.
It has a good tutorial. :v:


Im just testing to copy. Nominate if u want


Guy this does not deserve to be in game changers. It was originally made by MagmaPOP but this Hopscotcher remixed it and got game changers


I tenth it, it really deserves being on featured!


I eighth it! Totally deserves a Featured!


I fifth it! Super well done!


I whatever it… Just plz feature it Hopscotch!!


Yeah I know…

But this hopscotcher did add a few things to make the game a bit better


I love pusheen, he’s so cute


Ugh. Awesome e made it better.


You doesn’t have to criticise it by that. It was THT’s opinion.
Respect that.
How would you feel if you made a project that got game changers and then someone said that it didn’t deserve it?


Ahhh wow I have no words right now. Thank you so much guys! @SkyFrost @HotShot37 @Dylan329 @WaterFlame @DogWithAPen @CreationsOfaNoob @BB-Box @William04GamerA @TheRealPikachu


You deserve it! That game was so cool! The tutorial, 2 player or 1 player, the hoop and ball, the times and on top of that, you used no images!!


I know maybe it shouldn’t be on game changers- but the remix is SO COOL. ITS AMAZING. Plus, MagmaPop is gone so he’ll never be able to finish it. So Awesome_e did it for him. :neutral_face: I don’t think it’s that bad that it is on game changers, Okay, yes- MagmaPop was amazing we all love his games… But this one remix really game changed it.


Oh wow i feel embarrassed for puting. Sorry Awesome_E😅