Nominations for Featured!


I totally agree! It’s awesome! I third it


WHOA!!! This is so cool😀


I second that nomination


I third that nomination


I fourth that nomination! :DDD


I fifth it!!! 20. Characters long… :((


Can someone tell me how to make the link to your project that you want to nominate? Thanks.



First, go to your project on HS
Then click the box with an arrow coming out of it
Answer the maths question correctly, and then click "open in safari"
Then copy the URL and paste it here :smiley:

At least, it’s how I do it :wink:


Thanks! What if I don’t see the arrow? That happens a lot
I just checked the project I want to nominate but it doesn’t have the arrow


Hmmm show a screen shot?

Don’t open the project up and play the game, just the outside part (sorry I’m bad at explaining)


I fourth it! It’s so professional and cute and well done.


I self nominate my new quiz on my account flame&ice. Hope it gets featured. Check it out and second it if you think it’s good!
This quizze’s special features are:

  • nice music
  • cutebackground that will change according to answer
  • calculating screen
  • 4 options
  • nice transitioning
  • pizza and donut


See the arrow coming out of the box? Tap on that…
It should bring up a math question


Okay! Thanks. I didn’t see that! I’m dum.b


It’s ok


I second @DogWithAPen’s food quiz!


Thanks teen!!!
Oops it autocorrected fren to teen.


lol its fine
Anytime!!! :blush:


I third the quiz! Pretty cool features…:sunglasses:


This is kinda old but still cool!