Nominations for Featured!




I second nominate that.


I third this nomination


I fourth, with four nominations it’s bound to get on featured


Omg :astonished:! 10 nominations! What the heck guys I didn’t expect to get this much :joy: Thank you so much :blush::blush::blush:


I fifth it! It is so cool! It shows how creative u are!:slightly_smiling_face:


I seventh it! I think.

-sees my creation copied-

well that’s just sad

oh look someone copied someone (technically me), took credit for it, and got nominated for featured (could be the remix glitch/bug tho)

what has this world become (I am internally disappointed)

@NindroidGames I sixth nominate that :D


I seventh that!


wow I just saw that and it somehow got on featured?? ://

@Liza @t1_hopscotch
Is it possible for you to take down that project(if the link’s needed I can get it)? It’s an exact copy of one of @randomowlsLC projects.

It might’ve been the remix bug but I doubt that because they took off the credit.


The link doesn’t even work…


This a pretty cool I think it deserves to be noticed


I second the floating water bottle!


I third it!


I fourth floating bottle


OMG! They finally took hotshots copy off of featured!


I fourth water bottle


An awesome project by @CreativeCoder!

I think this awesome trail art needs to be featured. :point_up:


I agree. I second nominate that


I fourteenth it! Really incredible!