Nominations for Featured!


sixth! it’s a pretty cool idea, maybe more instruments if you make a second version of it


Thanks for the tip @HappyDolphin! I will try and do that in the near future :blush:


That’s great! I second it


I forth it!!!


Seven nominations! Wow :flushed:! Thank you so much @Explorer_ @HopscotchRemixer @William04GamerA @Gobli09 @HappyDolphin & @SummarianStudios :blush: I really appreciate it!


You’re welcome! :smiley:


Your welcome!


I seventh it, that project is feature worthy


Thanks @HotShot37! That’s eight nominations now! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated
Sorry for tagging…


Let’s see it get on featured :yum:


That would be a-ma-zing! :wink:


Yep, it would!


I really hope it gets featured!!!


That would be a great sight to see


This is a really good project


Lol sorry, I copied the wrong project


What do you guys think?

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I second this! :smiley:
It’s really good, but slightly laggy. If it was lagging a bit less, it could potentially be a pretty amazing project


Yeah, I don’t know why it lags though


I ninth the projecy made by @Allyb