Nominations for Featured!


Pshhh nahhhhh
Thank you anyway you too
I made a sushi Tap inspired by you
Edit:oh that’s was some one else sorry


Lol! Thats fine.


Yes I nominate it to what number it is now


You would be fourthing it. Thanks!


Wow, just realized we are all regulars…


Congratulations @DMF on your featured project!


Thanks so much @SummarianStudios! I’ve got 6 nominations on it :DDDDDD


Your welcome! It totally deserves a feature. Also that bug I mentioned earlier, it was just that one time I played. I couldn’t find anything wrong in the code and it worked fine a second time. It’s basically flawless: )


Yeah, I noticed that… same! :slight_smile:
Thanks again :D


I second this nomination! :grinning:


I self-nominate my own project, AllyBand! :guitar: I published this a while ago, but I spent quite a while on it and it would mean so much to me if it got featured

@Liza @Rodrigo @AllysBees


I second nominate it!


I third this nomination.


Thank you so much @Explorer_ and @HopscotchRemixer :blush:


Your welcome!


I fourth it. It’s really good.


@William04GamerA how do u post a link of a project to the forum?


You tap the Share button on a project (it looks like a box with an arrow facing upwards). Then, you solve the math question and tap “Copy” in the box that pops up.


I fifth that :smiley:


you deserve game changers