Nominations for Featured!


Ooh that's so cute!! I love the style :smiley:


I fourth them!


I don't know if this is already nominated but I thought it was very interesting and it probably took a LOT of hardwork.


I don't know, because they just used images, and that's very very easy to code...


Yeah, agreed.


No offense but it looks like you copied the layout of the tutorial thumbnail


Oh. I didn't know that. I don't have subscription


He said it was inspired by that! :D


I was inspired by that, so I wanted to change it a bit! But thanks for noticing!


Thank you! I think, if I use pastel colors and simple codes, the style will look cute and simplistic.


I also nominate that, but for Father's Day, I nominate HolidayCodes Father's Day project. I love how they did the ties on the clothes line and I love the simplicity.


Hi. I want to nominate a project for featured, but I am not sure how to get the project link. Help!


HI I want to nominate a project for featured, but I don't know how to get the project link. Help!


I want to nominate HolidayCode's Father's Day project for featured. It's simple and cute creative



Self nomination?


No offense to anyone who got featured today, but I think the only features that deserved featured was the Fathers Day Project and Little Town. One of them seems unfinished(but can be cool in future​:sunglasses:) and the other also seems like it needs a bit more work(like having separate pages). But if you got featured, it means THT liked it enough anyways to put it on there. This is just my personal opinion that no one needs to care about​:neutral_face:.


So one of the projects on featured right now is a remix? @William04GamerA


Thank you for you to say "Little Town" deserved featured! I really appreciate it! :grinning:


Yes, it is a remix of this original template that is put on featured too, but just a little longer down:


I nominate this art pad:

I didn't make it but it was mostly made by SkyworldStudious in ChickenNuggetCollab. I didn't really help but.I moved some stuff around. I think this mayb be one of the biggest art pads on HS because of all the shades of one Hue.